World Premiere, 2010

Kitchen Dog

Bruce DuBose
Ivan Jasso
Ani Celise Vera
Drew Wall
Directed by Chris Carlos
Set by Bryan Wofford
Lights by Linda Blase
Costumes by Tina Parker
Props by Jen Gilson-Gilliam
Music & Sound by John M. Flores
Fight Choreography by Bill Lengfelder and Cameron Cobb

Photos: Bruce DuBose, Ivan Jasso, Ani Celise Vera, and Drew Wall in Long Way Go Down at Kitchen Dog Theater.

NYC Workshop Production, 2010

Stella Adler

Sam Encarnacion
Emma Ramos
Robbie Sublett
Noel Wilson
Directed by Jaime Castañeda
Set by Amanda Embry
Lights by Isabella F. Byrd
Costumes by Katja Andreiev
Props by Kristine Koury
Sound by Randy Yonally
Fight Direction by J. Steven White

Photos: Sam Encarnacion, Emma Ramos, Robbie Sublett, and Noel Wilson in Long Way Go Down at Stella Adler Studio.

Chicago Premiere, 2012


Adam Brown
Tim Miller
Paloma Nozicka
Daniel Martinez
Directed by Kaiser Ahmed
Dramaturgy by Calamity West
Set by John Wilson
Lights by Claire Sangster
Costumes by Emma Weber
Props by Rachel Carpenter
Sound by Marisa J Barnes
Violence Design by Alex Farrington

Photos: Adam Brown, Tim Miller, Paloma Nozicka, and Daniel Martinez in Long Way Go Down at Jackalope Theatre.

West Coast Premiere, 2013

Art of Acting Studio

Michelle Ramos
Orlando Chavez
Michael Keith Allen
Dan Evans
Directed by Don K. Williams
Set by Michael Keith Allen
Lights by Johnny Patrick Yoder
Sound by Don K. Williams
Original Music by Jared Swanson

Photos: Michelle Ramos, Orlando Chavez, Michael Keith Allen, and Dan Evans in Long Way Go Down at the Art of Acting Studio.