World Premiere, 2013

Barrington Logo


Kahan James
Kate Rogal
Directed by Giovanna Sardelli
Set by Brian Prather
Sound by Daniel Kluger
Costumes by Amy Clark
Lighting by Scott Pinkney

Photos: Kahan James and Kate Rogal in Muckrakers at Barrington Stage.

West Coast Premiere, 2014

Art of Acting Studio


Erica Bitton
Darren Keefe

Directed by Don K. Williams
Set by Michael Keith Allen
Sound by Johnny Yoder

Photos: Erica Bitton and Darren Keefe in Muckrakers at the Art of Acting Studio.

Boston Premiere, 2015

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Esme Allen
Lewis D. Wheeler

Directed by Bridget Kathleen O’Leary
Set by Alexander Grover
Sound by Edward Young
Costumes by Tyler Kinney
Lighting by Christopher Brusberg

Photos: Esme Allen and Lewis D. Wheeler in Muckrakers at New Rep.