World Premiere, 2009


Greg Keller
Ally Sheedy
Katherine Waterston
Directed by Kip Fagan
Set by David Evans Morris
Sound/Video by Leah Gelpe
Costumes by Jessica Pabst
Lighting by Matt Frey

Photos: Greg Keller, Ally Sheedy, and Katherine Waterston in Reborning at The Public Theatre.

West Coast Premiere, 2010

SF Playhouse

Alexander Alioto
Lauren English
Lorri Holt
Directed by Josh Costello
Set by Nina Ball
Sound by Cliff Caruthers
Video by Kristin Miltner
Lighting by Michael Palumbo
Costumes by Miyuki Bierlein
Props by Jacqueline Scott
Doll Design by Cher Simnitt, Stef Baldwin, Illusions of Life

Photos: Alexander Alioto, Lauren English, and Lorri Holt in Reborning at SF Playhouse.

Southern California Premiere, 2012

Chance Theatre

Casey Long
Karen Webster
Jennifer Ruckman
Directed by Oanh Nguyen
Set/Costumes by Bruce Goodrich
Sound by Ryan Brodkin
Video by Matthew Schleicher
Lighting by Brian S. Shevelenko
Dramaturgy by Kimberly Colburn

Photos: Casey Long, Jennifer Ruckman, and Karen Webster in Reborning at Chance Theatre.

Los Angeles Premiere, 2015




Kristin Carey
Ryan Doucette
Joanna Strapp

Directed by Simon Levy
Set by Jeff McLaughlin
Sound by Peter Bayne
Video by Matt Schleicher
Lighting by Jennifer Edwards
Costumes by Nail a Aladdin-Sanders
Doll Design by Amy Karich

Photos: Kristin Carey, Ryan Doucette, and Joanna Strapp in Reborning at the Fountain Theatre.

Florida Premiere, 2015


Megan Rippey
Brendan Ragan
Natalie Symons
Directed by Brendon Fox

Photos: Megan Rippey, Brendan Ragan, and Natalie Symons in Reborning at Urbanite Theatre.