World Premiere, 2008

Kitchen Dog

James Crawford
Martha Harms
Lisa Hassler
Lee Helms
Lee Trull
Directed by Chris Carlos
Set by Michael Sullivan
Costumes by Christina Dickson
Sound by Emily K. Young
Props by Judy Niven & Jen Gilson-Gilliam

Photos: James Crawford, Martha Harms, Lisa Hassler, Lee Helms, and Lee Trull in Sick at Kitchen Dog Theater.

New Play Workshop, 2008


Ben Buckley
Pamela Gray
Leigh Miller
Amelia Pedlow
Jonathan Walker
Directed by Vivienne Benesch
Assistant Director: Katie McGerr

Photos: Ben Buckley, Pamela Gray, Leigh Miller, Amelia Pedlow, and Jonathan Walker in Sick at Chautauqua Theatre Company.

New Jersey Premiere, 2009

NJ rep

Meredith Napolitano
Rusty Ross
Kevin Sebastian
Jim Shankman
Liz Zazzi
Directed by Benjamin Endsley Klein
Set by Carrie Mossman
Lighting by Jill Nagle
Costumes by Patricia E. Doherty
Sound by Kevin Siwoff
Props by Jessica Parks

Photos: Meredith Napolitano, Rusty Ross, Kevin Sebastian, Jim Shankman, and Liz Zazzi in Sick at New Jersey Rep.

New Orleans Premiere, 2009

Southern Rep

Bob Edes, Jr.
Andrew Farrier
Sean Glazebrook
Jessica Lewis
Liann Pattison
Directed by Aimée Hayes
Set by James Faerron
Costumes by Kelly James-Penot
Sound by Eric Shim
Lighting by Drew Yerys
Stage Manager Sarah Z. Singleton

Photos: Bob Edes, Jr., Andrew Farrier, Sean Glazebrook, Jessica Lewis, and Liann Pattison in Sick at Southern Rep.

New England Premiere, 2009


Rebecca Brooksher
Lisa Emery
Michel Gill
Greg Keller
Ryan Spahn
Directed by David Auburn
Set by R. Michael Miller
Costumes by Wade Laboissonniere
Sound by J Hagenbuckle
Lights by Dan Kotlowitz
Stage Manager: Jess Kovell

Photos: Rebecca Brooksher, Lisa Emery, Michel Gill, Greg Keller, and Ryan Spahn in Sick at Berkshire Theatre Festival.

Austin Premiere, 2009

Capital T

Tayler Gill
Joey LePage
Stephen Mercantel
Joe Reynolds
Rebecca Robinson
Directed by Mark Pickell

Photos: Tayler Gill, Joey LePage, Stephen Mercantel, Joe Reynolds, and Rebecca Robinson in Sick at Capital T Theatre.

Philadelphia Premiere, 2010


Bethany Ditnes
David Hutchman
Sally Mercer
Gregg Pica
Michael Tomasetti
Directed by Gregory Scott Campbell
Set by Dirk Durosette
Costumes by Alison Johnson
Lights by Andrew Cowles

Photos: Bethany Ditnes, David Hutchman, Sally Mercer, Gregg Pica, and Michael Tomasetti in Sick at Luna Stage.